WAG Nation - Exclusive to Arena

Jodie Lee "Artist to the Stars" on WAG Nation on ARENA .. Makeup & Hair by www.jodielee.com.au

WAG NATION follows the lives of five wives and girlfriends of some of Australia’s most famous sporting stars. The show takes you through the highs and lows of supporting a professional sporting career while managing the daily pressures of having a relationship spread across the tabloids. The cast includes Terry Biviano, NRL WAG of Anthony Minichiello, Lynette Bolton, AFL WAG of Jude Bolton, Jana Peterson, NRL WAG of John Williams, Jackie Spong, AFL WAG of Jarred Waite, and Chantelle Raleigh, NBL WAG of Adam Gibson.

The 10-part series is a voyeuristic look into the lives of these five glamorous women as they juggle life and love with a fast-paced social calendar packed with launch events, fund-raising galas, movie premieres and front row seats at Fashion Week.

 But behind all the glitz and glamour, these women are just the same as everyone else. Viewers will watch as they cope with the daily pressures of maintaining a successful relationship, the stress of managing their own careers, and even arguments with one another.

 And then there are the highs and lows of supporting a professional sporting career, including the ever present threat of injury that could spell the end of their partner’s livelihood.

 Over the course of the series, our five WAGS will prove that the stereotypical view of who and what a WAG is can often be way off the mark. They are driven and ambitious women who are chasing and realising their own dreams and goals, while helping their partner with his. Ultimately, they will show everyone there is far more to each of them than the label “WAG”.

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