Super Yachts

From the US, Jodie branched out into working onboard some of the world’s most sublime super yachts. Chartered at around 300,000 Euro per week. First was ‘Nice N Easy’, the 157’ Christensen motor yacht where Jodie freelanced her myriad of services to its equally image-conscious “It was amazing experience. Every day was different and every day presented a new series of challenges. You do have to be ready for anything and out on a Super yacht, you can’t just pop out for some supplies. You have to be able to come up with a solution, for an extremely discerning market, using your wits and keeping your composure.”

Next was a stint the $60m ‘Mi Sueño’ – a 197’ Trinity motor yacht, boasts its own day spa. As it went its way around the Bahamas from Miami, Jodie was charged with ensuring its guests were suitably coiffed, elegantly primped, styled and as decorative as the fine trimmings on this luxury mansion afloat. Working with the lifestyles of the Rich and Famous