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Jodie Lee Geoghegan has learned over her 11 years in the styling and production industry that versatility, a Rolodex of reliable contacts and a smile will get you far. Very far, including every state of the US, Monaco, and other exotic locations.

From day one after graduating from StarFX Academy in make-up and styling, Jodie diversified. “I opened a beauty salon with my mum on the Gold Coast and that really taught me a lot about business, relating to people, being able to do everything and adapt to any situation. You have to be multi-skilled in Australia to flourish in business.”

Once her make-up, styling and impressive arsenal of creative skills began to take her further afield, Jodie realised she would have to sell the salon and take up these opportunities abroad.
As the team hair and make-up artist, Jodie travelled around the US with the legends of stunt motocross, the Crusty Demons. “I was working with the show girls, and eventually, styling ended up evolving into a role as dancing coordinator assistant.”

From there, Jodie stepped in to a creative production role on the Warped Tour (like Australia’s Big Day Out), working for Aloha Films as production assistant.

“One of my main strengths is that I am a creative team player. I thrive on that energy, working on a project, the culmination of the skills of many people to create an event.”

From the US, Jodie branched out into working onboard some of the world’s most sublime superyachts. Chartered at around 300,000 Euro per week. 
First was ‘Nice N Easy’, the 157’ Christensen motoryacht where Jodie freelanced her myriad of services to its equally image-conscious 
“It was amazing experience. Every day was different and every day presented a new series of challenges. You do have to be ready for anything and out on a Superyacht, you can’t just pop out for some supplies. You have to be able to come up with a solution, for an extremely discerning market, using your wits and keeping your composure.”

Next was a stint the $60m ‘Mi Sueño’ – a 197’ Trinity motoryacht, boasts its own day spa. As it wend its way around the Bahamas from Miami, Jodie was charged with ensuring its guests were suitably coiffed, elegantly primped, styled and as decorative as the fine trimmings on this luxury mansion afloat. Working with the Life styles of the Rich and Famous

Jodie’s approach of “always listening to everybody’s opinions in a real creative collaboration” is what has ensured her popularity with high end publications, events, production companies and celebrity clients. “I am a people person. In the entertainment industry you have to be. To get things done, with sometimes ridiculous deadlines and ultra challenging briefs, you have to be able to count on favours and get around challenges.”

There have been times when Jodie has pounded the pavement of a foreign city in search of props and items for a fashion shoot, just hours before the event, sweet talking international boutiques and designer brands. “It’s not ideal, but I seem to specialise in making the impossible happen, not necessarily from lack of planning, just when things don’t go to plan.” 

She admits that the constant travelling, while inspiring, thrilling and sustenance for a high-energy individual, plays havoc with relationships and social life. “I miss my parents, family, and my poodle Kirra, but we hook up on Skype! I love travel for meeting new people – interesting people, creative types with all their personalities.”

From training with Chanel, Jodie acquired an abiding appreciation for the style ethos, pioneering vision and eventual empire constructed around Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel.

Jodie’s ambition is to hone her own attributes to build a brand of her own.

“In five to 10 years, I hope to have developed an overarching brand that allows me to multi-skill in production and events. It’s the evolution of everything I have been working towards. I am crawling before I walk though. And I will never forget the advice from my dad and Uncle Grant, who told me to always carry ‘the R word’ around with you. Respect for yourself, your colleagues, people around you, no matter who they are. Otherwise you won’t get anywhere. Even when people try and pull you down, just grin and bear it and do your thing.” I would also like to give my Mother and Father Michelle and David Geoghegan the Life back they have given me.

This vibrant 30-year old has it all ahead of her. In 2011, Jodie hints “very big things are happening”. 

“I will be making it happen. Stay tuned!”